Monday, May 26, 2008

Money or Friends?

Every person can get caught up in the idea that money is the most important tool to manage living a happy life. In Spanish there is a phrase that says, “Con dinero baila el perro.” This means that with money you can even make a dog dance. We can literally fall in love with money easily. This is all a false thought. Many other things are far more important than money. One of them is friendship. Some people think that you can buy friends. In my opinion, there is only one word, “LIES”. If you think you can buy friends I am afraid you are wrong. If you attract people because of your money, when the money leaves, your “friends” leave. Also money can’t listen to you, or give you advice. You can’t trust your money because in a blink of an eye it can all go away, and what is left? Only true friends. Afterwards friends will comfort you and even help you financially. In conclusion friends are far more important and indispensable than money. Money is important, but what’s more important than money is setting our priorities in the right order. Therefore, it’s clearer than water that friends are worth much more that money.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


In the book, "Of Mice and Men", Crooks says that you can get sick if you are alone. It may be true, but if you are very strong of mind you can overcome loneliness. However the chances are very low. When you are emotionally weak, it is almost impossible to keep yourself away from sickness or depression. According to crooks, it doesn't matter who, but as long as you have somebody who is there with you, you can keep going in life. In our society loneliness is a tremendous issue. As Kevin Caruso states, over 90 percent of people who die by suicide have a mental illness at the time of their death. And the most common mental illness is depression. In my own experience, I've known two people who committed suicide. I remember that i tried to avoid them always, even when I saw that they were alone.I regret it so much today. Knowing that all they needed was someone to talk to, someone who cares for them, makes me feel so miserable. These type of problems could be somewhat solved if we give those lonely people ten minutes of our time (come on who doesn't have ten minutes!!.). I sometimes feel depressed, and I have many people around me that care for me. Can you imagine someone who is disconnected from the world. The feeling that nobody cares for you, looks after you, even notices that you are a breathing human being, is just unbearable. It affects people physically. and psychologically. If only those people would start looking for company instead of waiting for someone to fall from the sky, i can almost assure that they will find someone. Impact someone's life today.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Is life today more difficult than it was in the 1930's?

Sadly, many people think that life actually is harder today. Its very easy to prove those people wrong. First of all, as you can see in the picture families were starving to death. As in the picture, that's the average family in that time. How
often do we see whole families in that condition?
Fathers couldn't afford to feed their families daily. Today individuals say that is the toughest times ever because of all immigration laws that have been occurring. It is indeed, a tough time today, but it will never compare to those times when innocent children had to pay a country's debt. In the 1930's the banks ran out of money and people didn't have a guarantee to get their money back, so if you were to late to pick your money up " Too Bad!" After the U.S. stabilized economically, the banks now had federal backup in case of another depression, everybody had a guarantee to get money back. during the great depression, the highest unemployment rates erupted. Never in U.S. History have they been so high. Those are some of the many reasons why life back in the 1930's was amazingly harder. Do you still think that your life is harder than the people in the 1930's?